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Structural-Glued Dimension Lumber

Structural-glued dimension lumber has gained wide acceptance in the building and construction industry. It is accepted for use under all model building codes and is interchangeable with solid-sawn dimension lumber of the same size, grade and species, and is grade-marked accordingly.

The material makes efficient use of available wood resources and can be manufactured in long lengths. Because it is typically fabricated from dry material, it is exceptionally dimensionally stable. This is a benefit in performance and makes it easy to hold in inventory.

Structural-glued products are commonly manufactured from lumber that has been seasoned to below 19% moisture content and are grade stamped "S-DRY" or "KD".

SK Fingerjoint uses an end-jointed finger (where "fingers" are cut into the ends of the pieces before they are joined, hence the nickname "finger-jointed" lumber).

Structural-glued products are available in a variety of species, grades and sizes for both general and specifically-intended end uses.


Structural-End or Finger-jointed Lumber

SK Fingerjoint is certified by the Western Wood Products Association (WWPA). WWPA is approved by the American Lumber Standard Committee, Inc. (ALSC), under the U.S. Department of Commerce, to certify structural-glued products in all species and species combinations.

SK Fingerjoint only uses Douglas Fir-Larch and Spruce-Pine-Fir in our long length product. Hem-Fir and WW are used only in our STUD product.

Structural finger-jointed lumber is graded in accordance with the National Grading Rule for Dimension Lumber (NGR), with additional limitations applying to the characteristics allowed in the joint area. These limitations are governed by Section 1.70 of the WWPA Western Lumber Grading Rules, as approved by the Board of Review of the ALSC. Dimension lumber grades, sizes, design values (in base values), and routine adjustment factors apply.

Because structural finger-jointed lumber products are graded using the same rules applied to solid-sawn dimension lumber, the design values for structural-glued finger-jointed lumber are the same as those of conventional solid-sawn lumber.

SK Fingerjoint Certification Table

Certified Product Size Highest Grade Highest Density Species Joint Size Adhesive Knot Size in Joint White Speck in Joint
Cert EXT JNTS 2X4 No.1-HRA DF-L 1-1/8” Hexion 4720/5025A ½” No
2X6 No.1-HRA DF-L 1-1/8” Hexion 4720/5025A ¾” No
2X8 Sel Str-HRA DF-L 1-1/8” Hexion 4720/5025A ¾” No
2X10 Sel Str-HRA DF-L 1-1/8” Hexion 4720/5025A 1” No
2X12 No.2-HRA DF-L 1-1/8” Hexion 4720/5025A 1 ½” No

*Although SK Fingerjoint is certified as such, all long length are stamped and graded as No. 2. Studs are stamped and graded as STUD.

*Our structural finger-jointed lumber is manufactured to meet the requirements of an all-purpose product, indicated by CERT EXT JNTS on the grade stamp. Our product can be used in both horizontal and vertical applications.

End-jointed Structural-glued Lumber "CERT EXT JNTS" 

Finger-jointed products grade-stamped CERT EXT JNTS are intended for all structural applications. This lumber is assembled with a waterproof, exterior-type adhesive meeting the requirements of ASTM Product Standard D2559 and conforming to WWPA's Glued Products Procedures & Quality Control, C/QC 101.97. Limitations on knot size and placement near joints are highly restrictive. Testing and quality control procedures are extremely rigorous. Refer to the section below on "WWPA Quality Control Procedures."

The exterior-type adhesives for CERT EXT JNTS products are suitable for bonding structural end-jointed and laminated wood products for use in general construction where a high-strength, waterproof adhesive bond is required.

These products may be 2x2 through 2x12 (with the bulk of production being in 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, and 2x10), in any length. Extra-long lengths are often available. Long lengths, up to 32' or more, are one of the distinct advantages of structural-glued finger-jointed products.

CERT EXT JNTS products may be used interchangeably with any solid-sawn lumber product of the same species and grades. The lumber may be used as beams, joists, rafters, studs, plates, or in any other exterior or interior framing application.

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