Finger Jointed (FJ) Lumber Advantages:

    ✔ Strength –FJ lumber is interchangeable with solid sawn lumber.

    ✔ Straightness – Due to the manufacturing process, FJ lumber always has at least one straight edge. FJ lumber has far less tendency to twist and warp.

    ✔ Environmentally Friendly –We utilize undesirable lengths of lumber that would otherwise be discarded by mills, by joining them together to make our long length lumber.

    ✔ Appearance –SK Fingerjoint uses only SPF and DFL in our long length dimensional product. We only purchase #2&btr, dry, high quality input stock to produce our lumber.

Advantages of SK Fingerjoint Products:

    ✔ Full Dimension – Our products are full dimension. We do not sand or plane our product.

    ✔ Quality Assurance – Each board is tension tested.

    ✔ Easy loading and re-loading – Our units are paper wrapped and dunnage is strapped to the bottom to ensure easy loading, unloading and re-loading.

Product Applications:

    ✔ Roof Rafters

    ✔ Tall Walls

    ✔ Columns

    ✔ Floor Joists

    ✔ Beams

    ✔ Stud walls

*Anywhere solid sawn lumber is used, our product can be substituted

Dimensional Long Length Options:

All dimensions graded as #2, however higher grades may be special ordered.

  • 2 X 6
  • 2 X 8
  • 2 X 10
  • 2 X 12
  • *Lengths up to 40’


All STUDS graded as STUD Grade, however higher grades may be special ordered.

Hem/Fir and WW:

  • 2 X 4
  • 2 X 6

Lengths for studs:

  • 92 5/8”
  • 104 5/8”
  • 116 5/8”
  • 128 5/8”
  • 140 5/8”
*Please note that we can create custom orders to your specific needs or specifications.
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