What sets SK Fingerjoint apart from others in our Industry?

SK does not use Hem-Fir in our long length lumber, as we feel it does not hold up to the standards we want to see in our product. We use only dry SPF and Doug Fir-Larch #2 and Better grades for all long length dimensional lumber production. In addition to the standard WWPA testing, every long length board passes through a hydraulic pull tester before being stacked to ensure there are no defects.

Finger jointed lumber is accepted for use under both the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC), and are considered interchangeable with solid-sawn dimension lumber of the same size, grade and species. SK uses a radio-frequency tunnel for setting/drying the HRA rated adhesive on our finger-jointed products as opposed to using a cold set method for drying the glue. The joints SK cuts have a profile of 1 1/8” deep, which is generally longer than most producers. This provides a greater surface area for bonding and makes a stronger joint. All our units are paper wrapped and have dunnage banded to the bottom to ease in loading and unloading.

SK Fingerjoint is certified by the WWPA to manufacture all of the following in lengths up to 40 feet:

  • 2X4 as # 1 – HRA (294 Pcs. Unit)
  • 2X6 as # 1 – HRA (90 Pcs. Unit)
  • 2X8 as Sel Str (Select Structural) – HRA (70 Pcs. Unit)
  • 2X10 as Sel Str (Select Structural) – HRA (50 Pcs. Unit)
  • 2X12 as #2 – HRA (40 Pcs. Unit)

Our long length product is stamped #2, however we can do special orders of other grades as needed. Stud input stock is comprised of stud grade and #2 and better in SPF, Fir-Larch, White-Fir, and Hem-Fir. We run the same 1 1/8” joint for our STUD products. Studs are stamped “WW STUD GRADE” and are certified for both vertical and horizontal use.

At SK Fingerjoint we strive to maintain a high quality product and take customer service seriously. Our customers are important to us and our business, our goal is to make each and every interaction a positive one.

What our customers should always expect from us:

  • Friendly and respectful interactions.
  • Prompt return on calls.
  • Quick response to emails.
  • Fair pricing.
  • Ability to actually speak with a knowledgeable member of our production team.

About SK Fingerjoint

Located in Libby, Montana, the SK Fingerjoint mill was originally started by Champion International in 1984. Champion’s primary focus was to make standard lengths studs and in 1992 began developing a process to manufacture long length dimensional finger jointed lumber. In 1993 Stimson Lumber Company purchased the mill. Stimson operated the mill from 1993 until 2008 excelling in the manufacturing of finger-jointed long length dimension and studs. In 2008 Stimson sold the mill to Lincoln County and ceased operations. In 2014, after extensive private investment and machinery upgrades, SK Fingerjoint opened under the direction of Dan Kneller, a former Stimson employee and millwright. The mill has created a positive economic impact to what was once a thriving timber based town. SK utilizes the same production practices that Stimson used in the finger jointer for more than 14 years.


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